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dubose will launch in collections, each with a different intended purpose and focused outcome. This was important to dubose founder, Elle, as she feels that each collection deserves proper recognition and her undivided attention when it comes to education at the time of launch.

The first collection, known as Collection 001, is centered around non-invasive wrinkle prevention, existing fine line reduction, and her coveted glowy, dewy skin, which should come as no surprise as she has spent the last 5 years of her career mastering the art of injecting, skin health, and all that comes with it. 

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Meet our founder, Elle

dubose was developed by Elle to fill gaps in the skincare space that she found lacked proper attention. There are many facets in which she feels the development of accessible products and education are lacking; however, she has uniquely chosen to focus on one recognized area of weakness at a time.

Elle, an advanced injector of neurotoxin and other injectable products, recognized that the topical/non-invasive market for wrinkle prevention was not up to her standards. And so, she decided to develop products that are just that. 

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