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To start, I think it only makes sense to talk about fine lines + wrinkles. What are they? Why do we get them? 

Wrinkles form due to slowed skin cell production, a lack of collagen production, and thinning of the dermal layer of the skin. Getting wrinkles is inevitable and a normal part of aging; however, sun damage, repetitive facial muscle contractions, smoking, sleeping, and environmental pollutants are a few things that increase the development of wrinkles.

Just like I tell my patients in the clinic, aging is an honor. I don't believe in the scare culture that surrounds aging and I am not here to tell you that developing wrinkles is a negative side effect of aging. However, self confidence is something I believe in, and if walking around with less wrinkles boosts your self confidence, I'm here for it. 

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Throughout the last 5 years working in Aesthetics, I have been able to observe the magnitude of power that investing in ourselves and taking control of our individual aging process has. Notice I said individual, we are all different, and that’s the beauty.

So let’s jump into it…

Most wrinkles on our face are caused by repetitive muscle contractions. In the beginning, you only see wrinkles when you make facial expressions, these are known as dynamic wrinkles. For instance, when you lift your brows you see wrinkles, but when you relax your brows, your forehead appears smooth. With time, the muscle becomes stronger, you lose a bit more collagen, your skin becomes less elastic and bouncy, and that dynamic wrinkle becomes a static wrinkle. A static wrinkle is a wrinkle visible at rest.

There are many ways to treat wrinkles in the office, such as neurotoxins, dermal fillers, lasers, microneedling, chemical peels, and surgery. But what about at-home options?

Over the years I couldn’t help but notice that there were things we could be doing at home to prevent wrinkle development and support our in-office treatments. I recognized that there was a lack of research in this particular area and a need for at-home modalities for those who don’t pursue in-office treatments or those that do and want their results to last longer. I also found that I had wrinkles on my décolleté that no in-office treatment was effectively treating. With my 

wedding approaching, I was determined to find a solution, and I'm excited to say that I did exactly that.

So how can you treat your wrinkles at home? Without ANY needles.

Cue re-du™  serum, the silicone series, and the signature eye patches

So what is re-du serum?

I like to think of re-du as “aesthetics in a bottle”. Why? Because the goal of the serum is the same goal I have for all of my aesthetic patients in the clinic– bouncier, dewier, more smooth skin texture. In clinic, neurotoxin smooths fine lines and wrinkles through limiting muscle contraction, while filler provides volume enhancement that results in a more hydrated, bouncy skin texture. Re-du contains two key ingredients you need to know about: Argireline + Snail Mucin. Similar to neurotoxin, Argireline smooths skin texture and reduces wrinkles. Similar to filler, Snail Mucin supports the skin barrier by providing powerful hydration, increased collagen production, and new skin cell development. 

I like to think of Argireline and Snail Mucin as long lost soul mates. Why? They powerfully support each other's benefits and per my research, re-du™  is the first product to contain both ingredients. 

Let's talk a bit more about Argireline. 

It sounds a bit too good to be true, I know…

Argireline or Acetyl hexapeptide-8, is the first peptide designed to reduce muscle movement and the appearance of facial wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. Argireline is a substrate of botulinum toxin A, the active ingredient in Botox and Dysport, and acts quite similarly. The amazing thing is, it is safe to apply all over your face, neck, chest, and anywhere you want to see a textural reduction in fine lines and a boost of hydration and collagen. This product will not have as significant effects as neurotoxin injections; however, the results are still quite impactful. 

Here are results from a study by Lubrizol, the manufacturer or Argireline:

Photo Credit

One noteworthy study boasts that: “Skin topography analysis of an oil/water (O/W) emulsion containing 10% of the hexapeptide on healthy women volunteers reduced wrinkle depth up to 30% upon 30 days treatment. (

Before we jump into why I developed the silicone series and our signature eye patches, I want to dive a bit deeper into why we have some wrinkles that neurotoxin and other in-office treatments fail to treat entirely. 

There is one more type of wrinkle I failed to mention: sleep wrinkles. Sleep wrinkles are developed from the external force of laying our face on a pillow at night. These wrinkles differ in etiology, location, and pattern. The below image created by Cosmedocs illustrates sleep lines in red and expression lines in green.

I developed the silicone series to specifically target the most dreaded and common sleep wrinkles: forehead, smile line, neck, and décolleté. These wrinkles are unique in that they are re-established every single time we lay our head down to sleep; therefore, it makes sense that in-office treatments don't cut it. To see results, the causative factor must be addressed. And that is the repetitive trauma to the skin each night.

I have tried every beauty pillow that exists in hopes of training myself to sleep only on my back and I found that having a good night's sleep was much more important than deterring wrinkles. Every pillow I tried negatively affected my sleep or caused neck issues, so I began researching for alternative options. 

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My research led me to find the magic of medical grade silicone and subsequently develop the silicone series. The silicone series is a set of extremely sticky silicone patches that when applied to taught, clean skin, keep the skin as it was when applied– smooth and wrinkle free. Apply the patch before you go to bed and sleep however you prefer. The silicone will do the work by holding your tissue in place and prohibiting the skin from collapsing when external pressure is applied.

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